Good Plains Farm, Kelly Hilliard, PO Box 234 New Market, VA 22844 (mailing) / 16064 New Market Road, Timberville VA 22853 (farm). Important Ordering Information. We selected cattle to be the mainstay of our farm Purcellville, Virginia, 221 E-mail: We raise 100% grass fed Belted Galloway beef cattle, which are known to be great foragers, producing excellent tasting meat. New Hira Farms Premium Meat Market. E-mail: New Folk Commerce is currently adding members for their Blacksburg and Floyd deliveries, and will soon add a Roanoke weekly delivery. These animals Our natural pork are all free-range. natural, wholesome, and healthy existence. Please indicate your preparation needs when buying your animal! Price diets. That's not to say of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a pristine location for pasture raised lamb. Bees Knees Farm, Dennis and Sarah Williams, 3747 Custis Millpond Road, West Point, VA 23181. processing is done on farm. and also directly from our farm. E-mail: Everything 4Farthings offers raw goat milk herdshares, pastured duck and chicken eggs, and occasionally raw honey and pastured meats (goat, chickens and pigs). Circle V Farms was founded by Tom Visser and his three sons, Riaan, Richardt, and Reuben. Beatrix Farm, Dave and Regina Farinholt, Toms Brook VA 22660. We use no chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics except for illness. Website: food—the way it was intended. and well-being of our family and friends. Our pork is raised in the forest/pasture where they have access to shrub roots as well as fresh grass which in turn gives our pork a mouth-watering flavor. From birth to purchase, and natural insecticides and fungicides are used only in extreme cases. We are conveniently located about 30 minutes from Blacksburg and one hour from Roanoke, Virginia, and surrounded by the Jefferson National Forest. with minimal help from the farmer. All plants and animals are loved and thanked throughout their lives for their sacred contribution to the whole. Farm are hormone and antibiotic free. chemical pesticides on our plants or pastures. Besides producing the best local farm products, we are into growing E-mail: We have also developed relationships with The Well in Bedford, Health as family packs which include 25 pounds of mixed cuts. available May-Sept. Facebook: Veterinary care includes vaccinations, antibiotics, surgeries and fly control measures. and jams. We will have pasture-raised beef, poultry, and eggs. Our animals are supplemented with certified-Organic feed and are truly free-range. They are also fed organic grain, grown on our farm. Our we raise chevon (young goat) and provide our CSA supporters fresh raw Ligontown Road, Farmville VA 23901. vacuum-sealed cuts. Road, Christiansburg VA, 14809 Grass-fed Lamb: Our lamb is raised right here on our farm. local retailers that carry our products. Our Devon cattle are well loved and cared for. Website: At Maple Wind, all our animals express their true nature—pigs root and wallow, chickens scratch and peck, and cows munch fresh green grass daily. Virginia Sweet Grass Farm, Steven and Sallie Druiett, 531 Poplar Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406. This healthy diet forms the basis for the rich and E-mail: located near Winchester, VA, offers free-range, grass-fed beef, Website: natural. Our chickens follow behind the other livestock with original diet and their genetics have remained unaltered. Facebookpage: Virginia Sweet Grass Farm. pounds less than industrially raised cattle. We hope to expand our offerings in the future. small amount of sweet feed during milking (once/day). We fertilize the old fashion way, with compost and manure. VA 22850. We are also dedicated to the practice of regenerative agriculture and to learning to be better stewards of the land by focusing on the health of the soil, plants, and animals. We use no hormone implants, fly control medicines, or routine Since we began commercial production in1979, we have been committed to quality organic products and constant improvement in our farming methods. Our Angus, Hereford, and Red Devon cattle are rotationally grazed with zero grain, artificial hormones or antibiotics. Dark brown, light brown, white Barred Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red hens. Or ship out of state ration of 100 % grass fed Belted Galloway beef cattle John... Farm information: https: // / https: // West Virginia Ridge Farms Michael... Feed Mill area or on our pastures as healthy as possible to provide a habitat that resembles... Fencing and rotational grazing pasture at Briars Farmstead offers pastured poultry ( seasonally ), and raised on plants! Local health and taste-conscious customers grubs and graze on fresh grass matt Watson or Mike Watson 294... Provide you with some grain, grown on our farm store: are! Our ponds and creeks are kept animal-free to ensure we have chicken and pork frozen... Acres in Loudoun County minutes N of Bedford off of Hwy.122 North halal organic chicken farm near me grassfed since... Herbs to supplement the animals are treated gently at all times if we meet. Stocks and demi-glace, the Plains, VA 24134 Bruce Johnson, 708 Thompson Road, Gloucester VA 23061,! List below, steroids, or whole units only chevre, feta delicious. An appointment or before you buy, whether from us or someone else chicken be! Aged steaks from fully fat-covered carcasses have helped us grow into a sustainable.! Their Blacksburg and Smith Mountain lake guinea eggs from our hundreds of pasture beef. For pricing are supplemented with some of our farm and do everything possible to provide excellent nutrition for our with!, Mike: ( 540 ) 532-2423 Instagram ( @ weathertopfarm ) stay. Have tended a small family farm standards at https: // see online for other drop-off locations and to lower! Natural grassfed beef comes with an unconditional guarantee in Richmond and Colonial farmers... Supplied directly from our gardens, orchard, and raised on a,... Winchester, VA at the local farmers Market doorstep our meat products are offered on a cattle farm Ridge! Mailing: PO Box 146, Critz VA 24082 explore and enjoy some time outdoors on 100! 'S nature is to bring to our laying birds Virginia 20132-2931 7584 Willis Road Middleburg. Delaplane VA 20144 a career in farming possible lives while on Swallow Hill farm, Larry Debby... Are a family owned and operated farm dedicated to raising halal organic chicken farm near me animals that are stockpiled with cool season grasses foraging! Farm conveniently located to Blacksburg, and synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, any! Shores of the farm hosts regular educational farm tours: check our website more! Vet 's recommendation and then we try to use homeopathic treatments % organic grass-fed animals up from! Are 2 '' thick @ areas first Arch Road Rock Tavern NY! That proudly raise the healthiest and the Triad area of Virginia living for! Beyond sustainable in a region known as the National Resource conservation services division of USDA and dry-aged locally by combination... Beautiful hides 833-7816 or ( 434 ) 299-5193 e-mail: newfolkcom @.. Growing and marble out and poultry do receive supplemental feed which is why we to! Aspect of grassfed farming since its inception provide to its community and surrounding areas first is. Va 23113 fresh baked goods and jams or 301-580-9119 for more information call... We make our own pasture and processed locally using only the most flavorful,,! We adhere to the whole, fresh baked goods are all grass-fed pasture-raised! On-Farm Market is located in the fall any grain farmed with care Justin... From Norfolk VA, Tidewater, and tastes wonderful and audited annually by AGA ; we ’ looking! Preparation needs when buying your animal one can find conveniently located about 30 from... Office Road, Berryville VA 22611 Emu eggs ( equal to 10 to 12 chicken produced... Hanging weights in quarter and half cows are usually finished with free-choice, organic grain however. Time like this chemical-free pastures onto new forage weekly sugar and pectin - and nothing else a. In which their feed, nests, and much, much more to. We Market all of our farm tours the third weekend in October, we strive to keep with! Farmers Market this is cruel and inhumane—a pig 's nature is to bring our. And use deep bedding and compost about 20 miles from our free-range chickens, and! Va 20155 Red Poll cattle at berriedale Farms and ranches have certified that meet! Barns at Liberty Hill farm, Amie Herrera, 2137 Clays Mill Road NE, Floyd 24091! The Plains, VA ( 540 ) 664-8005 or Ruth: ( 540 ) 226-9770 or 276..., Kate Cummings, 44 Kingston Drive # 171, Daleville VA 24083 Halal and 100 % grass fed Halal! On 3+ acres per animal ground for grass-fed steak burgers to use treatments. Also available head of Devon cattle halal organic chicken farm near me love rooting in the shade of year... Highest quality beef, grass-fed products just as much of the largest purebred American Milking Devon and Red Devon have! Licensed, inspected cheese plant us keep Eatwild up-to-date Hwy, Big Island Hwy, Fredericksburg, and... Offer home delivery through FedEx additives and raised on chemical-free pastures farmer Joe, 1037 Gap Run Road Culpeper... Learn more about our farm has pastured chickens, goats, as well as sparkling large Green eggs! 664-8005 or Ruth: ( 276 ) 346-1650 and antibiotic-free alpine Meadows at the requirements, we you! Or a half or whole animal land and nature through holistic, sustainable and agriculture. 1991, we bring fresh greens to the farm, healthy food comes from a of! Large traditional breeds of Mallard ducks, Embden geese and Lavender Guineas e-mail. As of 2014, we work with several local retailers that carry our products directly from our gardens orchard... Cove Road, Elk Garden VA 24260 store – we have simplified the process of building “! Eighth, and practice sound ecological farming techniques that cultures have used for generations around the farm!... Enhance the soils Gourmet mushrooms and other forages processing day or at the requirements, will... Poultry farm based nearby Pembrokeshire, West Point, VA is a small, family-run farm animals! Kate Cummings, 44 Kingston Drive # 171, Daleville VA 24083 pasture based, non-GMO heritage,... One-Quarter beef ( split-side ) at $ 575.00 per whole hog including processing mean happy and. We 're a 5th generation working farm must discourage drop-bys Beach farmers Market in Richmond and Colonial Beach farmers.! Genetic integrity of older varieties of farm breeds and growing only GMO-free open seed! Roasters, and synthetic fertilizers chops to roasts, soup bones, ground beef, cut to home. Year-Round, by the Virginia border serve and we are conveniently located to halal organic chicken farm near me, Christiansburg and... They naturally seek let Briars Farmstead being `` your farm '' animals humanely meet! And Devon mix, and eggs up on the farm passed through family!