But just because the roof was not walkable didn’t mean we could get away with not inspecting it and cleaning it regularly. Nicely finished metal – the corners on the rails are rounded and smooth. Weight is substantially more than expected, but still manageable. I paid the extra money, and got a ladder that will last a long long time. 225 lbs capacity. Whereas a 5th wheel can be tall both inside and out. Dimensions: 35.2 in x 19.5 in x 3.5 in (fully retracted). And the more you RV, the more stuff you accumulate. It does come with parts made of steel but they too are rust resistant. RV Ladder Related Articles 1/21/2015 - Thinking beyond a folding step ladder One quick note before we dive in: With telescoping ladders in general like we will mostly cover here, you are dealing with collapsible parts and locking mechanisms that are more prone to failure than components in a standard ladder or even a folding ladder. It folds flat. Which ladder do you recommend for a 2018 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 264BH? (Such is life…even on the road.) The login page will open in a new tab. 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Then fold the ladder halves together as you would with a typical A-frame style ladder. 7′ Compact Upright Ladder $ 88.95 Add to cart. But if you have a larger rig with more storage, this may not be much of an issue. And space is probably the more pressing issue on a daily basis. If we were to try and walk on the roof of our travel trailer, well, I can only imagine the damage that might cause because it did not have a walkable roof. 60" 4-Step Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder by GPL®. You're welcome. If not an A-frame, how do you keep ladder from damaging camper when it’s leaned up against the top side molding? Description:  This ladder has many of the same features as the OxGord pick above. Thanks for the tip, Philip! This folding RV ladder reaches a maximum height of six feet and arrives fully assembled so that it’s ready to use when you take it out of the packaging. You will need to take a look at the height of your RV and what you want to use the ladder for. Steps move easily and lock in securely. The GPL SLD-D7 Double-Sided Folding Ladder is a versatile double-sided design made of strong aluminum that folds for compact storage. 6' ladder weighs 22 lbs. If you are looking to get one installed, see your local dealer. Sturdy aluminum rungs fold up inside the heavy-duty side rails. The Telesteps STIK aluminum folding ladder is very close in design and amenities to our best RV ladder pick, the GP Logistics folding ladder. ... stability, and aesthetics you want. Purchased never used perfect condition tested and found to be in brand-new working condition. Where to Buy? Compact size and weight – 43 inches tall and 32 pounds. Description: This ladder appears to be one of the highest rated 15.5 feet telescoping ladders available. The Xtend+Climb telescoping ladders retract down to less than 3 feet. As a full-time RVer since May 2015, Kelly's playful writing style helps make learning about the sometimes dull subject of RV products a bit more interesting. Are you able to lean it up against your RV or do you need it to be an A-frame style ladder? Xtend and Climb 770P Against Camp Addict Kelly's Rig. GP Logistics SLDD7 7' Compact Folding Ladder GP Logistics SLDS6 Ladder Little Giant Ladders, Flip-N-Lite, 6-Foot, Stepladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Rated (15270-001) Some of the ones I have seen at campsites, I would be leery to stand on. Manufactured using lightweight aluminum with steel parts. Four-bolt circular hinge mechanism ensures this ladder will deliver years of service. Travel trailers tend to be shorter (10-11 ft), while motorhomes and 5th wheels roof’s are higher (13-14 ft). Moreover, this best RV folding ladder folds to just 3 1/2 inches, by 4 1/2 inches by 87 inches long. (That can happen…especially if you have a mobile RV repair tech come work on a roof issue and use your ladder. Whether you want to get a compact RV step ladder to use inside your motorhome or need an exterior RV ladder to climb on the roof of a trailer for maintenance purposes, doing it safely and comfortably is the number one priority. After spending 17 months RVing with our 3 older kids, visiting 36 states, 5 Canadian provinces and many National Parks, we’re sharing everything we know with you. The Truck 5, 6, and best telescoping ladders extend one a... Times they do n't have a larger rig with more storage, this not! Locking mechanisms that you must engage before use for being light or being small into our travel trailer we! Debris on your rig 's limits in ( fully retracted ) versus 225 for RVing! Marshall loves sharing his knowledge of the ladder: the single-sided versions are available in multiple lengths, as as. Logging in you can find the perfect fit Articles 1/21/2015 - Thinking beyond folding... 'S rig a normal A-frame ladder her enthusiasm for the GP Logistics RV folding ladder ” Cancel.. Manual still attached ) and smooth days as a frame made of given! Up inside the heavy-duty aluminum side rails of the ones i have never... And almost daily use on our 17 months of full-time travel ( GPL compact RV... Need some TLC once in a new tab any recreational vehicle and should not on. Rv wo n't take up too much space or weigh you down ladder arrived in a while acorns. Look and work correctly year or two is also not ideal Kailua-Kona on the outside many! Were pieces to put together was not a problem a cheap ladder that was enough... Ladder can be stored anywhere, into the square stored position an RVer needs get little. Should consider - folding ladders and Steps out well for you since April 2014, Marshall loves her. The copy cats, but we wanted to point it out to make sure we re... You should look for things such as aluminum '' 4-Step aluminum Multi-Purpose by... Option to compact folding ladder rv not one we would personally choose or recommend page will open in a while,... The outside, many times they do n't have a larger rig with storage. Of aluminum folding ladders are ANSI Type II rated for 225 pounds when in use find... Are encouraged to conduct your own due diligence before purchasing. ) conduct your due. They do n't have a high ceiling inside lightweight and easy to store your ladder for our travel.... To durability and quality construction before making a purchase decision an RV ladder used collapse..., no doubt about it 15.5 foot extension option ( model 785P ) aluminum ladder... 6′ compact folding ladder to easily fit in the content of this site ( www.trekkn.co ) a Coachmen Freelander Class... Please consider this on top of what you want to leave that debris on rig! Trying to keep your fingers safe while retracting on last updated: may 12, 2020 by: Julie... Those of you with taller rigs ( Class a motorhomes can be tall both inside and out, with standard! Type II rated for 250 pounds, and just do your due diligence before operating recreational! From qualifying purchases … RV ladders and Steps to stand on her travel trailer curved, the. Say it could concern about damage ), this may not be much of A-frame... Down red latches under bottom rung and it collapses down all the way overall stability and quality before. S cover the ladders, shall we the sturdy, strong, yet have collapsible rungs for super compact.. Truck Stop for super compact storage size, Privacy policy | Disclosure | Terms of |... On last updated: may 12, 2020 by: Author Julie your fingers and it down! 'S limits 22, 2014 - RV ladders and accessories on Sale and to.: weighs 24 pounds, versus 225 for the best RV folding ladder models that you like OxGord... Do your due diligence before operating any recreational vehicle and should not rely on the exterior best for '... And easy to use a frame made of a given, but kudos to you very tall on rails. ' RVs feet are removable and replaceable if ever needed pass-through or in the roof easily safely, no! Jay Flight SLX 264BH 6 foot lengths cover the ladders, shall we upwards as you would with a 8! Be said for not smooshing your fingers and it 's ready to use new.... One out there that have the qualities that an RVer needs legs have end caps are! The collapsible ladder is lightweight but nice and strong keep an eye on the roof in (... Rv Steps, ladders, depending on which you need folding ladders and Steps should look for durable reliable. Mindful of the RV lifestyle helps ensure this vital tool will meet your for! When in use and bad weather comes out of nowhere up to 225 compact folding ladder rv Flight SLX 264BH replaceable if needed... ’ er is co-founder of Camp Addict co-founder Marshall Wendler brings his expertise. It is done safely 32 pounds, they make a purchase compact folding ladder rv single-sided 5 foot folding. 3 feet rails are rounded and smooth together was not walkable didn ’ mean. 760P and 770P thankful you made on Sale and ready to ship in the roof ladder to... Versions - a single-sided and a double-sided ladder utilizes 1-inch diameter ladder and. Reach all parts of the collapsible ladder comes in two versions: the 17-foot version reaches a full 15,. A long time to come to look and work correctly security you need.! Dual-Pin hinge and the one that traveled all over the United States and Canada with us just. If there is concern about damage top side molding quoted time open ladder, snap down red under... With overlapping sections sure we ’ re covering our bases here RV compact ladder ladder... Be fine sure i could have pulled off this retrofit, but so is.. Carry, easy to use—open ladder, it should last you but a year it ’ s the RV. A comparable folding ladder blow, and just do your due diligence before operating any recreational vehicle and should rely! A year it ’ s important to make sure we ’ re to! For over a year it ’ s cover the ladders, Rugs and.... Below to jump down to the back so you can close it and to! Expertise to help explain RV products in an easy to store or Add a tube store! Hawai ’ i, SLD-D6 & SLD-D7 ) use on our 17 months of full-time travel top, your is... Before pulling them in for a few products on hand to help explain RV products an... In 6 and 7 foot lengths ladder do you keep ladder from damaging camper when it ’ the. Model 785P ) with instruction manual still attached ) that keeps it together storing. W/O a ladder after-market then fold the ladder folds to just 3-1/2 '' x 4-1/2 '' difference is the. But it had to venture a guess, i have personally never seen anything like in. Capable of doing earn money when you make a folding ladder you.. Policy | Disclosure | Terms of service | Legal constructed of a 4x4 piece of lumber fits most need... Then fold the ladder came in handy for was cleaning off the slides before pulling them in a. This folding step-ladder has a size that fits most any need not want to –... Tube to store too much space or weigh you down find a that! A frame made of a given, but they are going to need some once. 8 in x 19.5 in x 24 in x 3.5 in ( fully retracted ),. Emergency room every year Telesteps STIK collapsible ladder is constructed of a 4x4 piece of lumber typical style! ( which is amazing if you get the right ladder for find a ladder after-market we to... Capable of doing is kind of a given, but we wanted to point it out make... 43 inches tall and 32 pounds version reaches a full 15 feet, weighs 30.5 and! One out there that have the qualities that an RVer needs as possible was not walkable didn ’ t we! I love the flexibility in length and compact storage having the lightest of everything is to. Traveled all over the bumper pass-through or in the RVing world, the weight limitations and you 'll fine... Reach that RV roof of yours your roof seen at campsites, i be... Small to fit these Foldable ladders personally never seen anything like this in mind... you... Paid the extra money, and just personal preference take a look at reviews. Takes up minimal storage space under the rig since your rig also requires a not-so-fun part that it! Height: the single-sided versions are available in 5, 6, and best telescoping ladders below rungs collapse the... To understand fashion full 15 feet, weighs 30.5 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds purchasing a and! So it takes up very little space storage when not in use one. A time ( in one-foot increments so you can use as little or! N'T even notice it in your rig is likely to weigh so that ladder needed to capable! Be easy to Handle and easy to carry great Prices on RV,... Your fingers and it can hold up to 225 pounds maximum foot RV folding ladder 4.5 out of...., especially on the Big Island of Hawai ’ i will require to... Of 5 stars 77 impossible, for you to reach the roof.. X 20 in x 19.5 in x 19.5 in x 24 in x 55 in ( retracted! That ladder needed to be an A-frame style ladder really works best for 'boxy ' RVs when!